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We are a friendly group of Christians & would love to welcome you


 to visit us at Friarn Chapel and to Worship with us.


We Believe


  • That the Bible is the inspired word of God and is relevant today.
  • In the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit, three in one person.
  • The incarnation of God’s eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ – born of the Virgin Mary; truly divine and truly human, yet without sin.
  • That God loves us and allowed Jesus Christ to die on the cross in our place for the wrong things we have done.
  • In the bodily resurrection of Christ, the first fruits of our resurrection; his ascension to the Father, and his reign and mediation as the only Saviour of the world.
  • In the personal and visible return of Jesus Christ to fulfil the purposes of God, who will raise all people to judgement, bring eternal life to the redeemed and eternal condemnation to the lost, and establish a new heaven and a new earth.
  • That by accepting God’s forgiveness, made possible by the death & resurrection of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, we can have peace with God and an eternal future with Him.
  • That to be a Christian requires a personal relationship with God.
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