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Covid-19 precautions


Following the announcement by the Government that places of worship can reopen from 4 July, the elders have carefully studied the latest guidance and have carried out their own in-depth risk assessment which is available to view. This note summarises the current position and should be read by all – it will also be shared with any visitors to the Hall.  We will move gradually towards meetings resuming at the Hall and have set out below how meetings will proceed.  This will be subject to on-going review and we welcome your input.

Practical changes

In order to maintain social distancing within the hall, we would expect each household to

  • Remain at home if showing any symptoms of Covid-19
  • Stagger their entrance into the hall to ensure there is a 2 metre gap between households
  • There will be a one way system through the building, enter from road, leave from car park doors.
  • Observe current guidelines regarding face coverings and even if not mandated by government consider wearing a face covering when entering and inside the building
  • Make use of the hand sanitiser station which will be at the entrance and exit of the hall.
  • Take their designated seats inside the hall as swiftly as possible (not linger at the entrance ). Seats will be set out to ensure social distancing as far as possible. Leave Hymn books at seats for next time.
  • Refrain from using the toilets if possible (or make sure that only one household uses the toilets at any one time), only enter if the door is open, ensure it’s left open when you finish.
  • Restrict use of the premises to the main hall
  • Make any financial gifts online if possible, or use the offering box near the hall entrance
  • Leave the inside of the hall as soon as the meeting has been concluded
  • Consider the testimony to on-lookers on the way into and out of the Hall
  • Young children must be kept close to their parents before, during and after the meeting and not permitted to run around


Due to the infectious nature of the disease, we will not be able to run the meetings as normal:

  • No singing will take place, hymns can be read out and those taking part should generally remain seated
  • The emblems will be dispensed individually on disposable plates, on entry to the hall, in the initial stages (this is not our preference, but we judge necessary and wise at this stage)
  • No food or drink will be provided

Order in which meetings are likely to start over a period of time – to be confirmed as things proceed.

  • Breaking of Bread
  • Gospel meeting
  • Prayer meeting
  • Ladies meeting
  • All other meetings/events


Additional measures

To further reduce the spread of the virus, the following actions will be carried out

  • A thorough clean of the building
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance and exit
  • Additional cleaning due to take place before and after each meeting
  • Additional PPE equipment (face masks, gloves, aprons) will be available if required for First Aid or for other purposes

We are required to maintain a register of all people attending, which will be retained for 21 days after each service, to support the national test and trace programme


Friarn Chapel Covid Risk Assessment
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